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Recap and Review: ‘Outcast’ Season 1 Episode 2 ‘(I Remember) When She Loved Me’

We skipped the first episode coverage because, well, anyone with an internet connection can actually watch the episode in its entirety (in fact, it’s directly below). So, we get our coverage kicked off with episode two, (I Remember) When She Loved Me.

The sophomore episode slows all the demon battling down for a bit to give us a chance to get to know more about our focal players. We also take the time to further examine Kyle’s mother, who’s been trapped in a catatonic state since the demon that had possessed her was forced from her body, years ago.

Kyle, conflicted with his own emotions toward his mother feels some guilt seeing her alone in a mental care facility. So, he sneaks her out of the place and takes her home with him. But it doesn’t last long, as he’s not equipped to care for the woman.

outcast episode 2

Likely the tamest episode we’ll see through the first season, we continue to excavate, looking in on the lives of Kyle’s ex and his child; his sister’s husband; his preacher pal; and of course, him.

None of the revelations we see through the second episode are particularly monumental. But there is one hidden little treat in the episode. If you read the comic book, you know exactly what I’m referencing. If you don’t read the book, keep watch for the mysterious man in back. He’s going to prove to be an important piece of the puzzle as season one moves forward.

It was probably wise to showcase Outcast’s first episode as a free stream. I’m convinced fan reception would have been positive as a whole either way, but I’m not convinced fan reception would’ve held up after seguing into (I Remember) When She Loved Me. It’s not hard to imagine viewers bailing after a slow episode. But with one insanely exciting episode already in the bank, looking beyond this slow point feels a lot easier.

Keep watching; it’s going to be a wild ride sooner than you may expect.

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1 Comment on Recap and Review: ‘Outcast’ Season 1 Episode 2 ‘(I Remember) When She Loved Me’

  1. Not a single criticism from me.

    It starts off so dark and twisted. The plot is interesting and I look forward to more.

    There is a lot of supernatural horror packed into the first episode, so I really look forward to see where this story goes.


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