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Watch Chris R. Notarile’s ‘The Weary Traveler’ (A Frankenstein Sequel of Sorts) Now!

Fan film extraordinaire Chris R. Notarile continues to build is library of films, and with each picture he releases, signs of improvement are evident. It really is a likelihood that Hollywood soon catches on to this prolific filmmaker and his expansive body of ever-improving work.

Today Notarile unveils his latest pic, The Weary Traveler, which is a direct tie-in to Frankenstein lore. It looks great, and there’s a compelling story to take in here, as Notarile places much heavier emphasis on character development as opposed to balls-out insane violence.

That, in my humble opinion, is yet another sign of evolution. Notarile wants fans to understand that he can direct more than a couple bad guys tangling. According to Notarile, this could be a jump-off point for more similar monster features. It sounds as if he’s prepping to create his own monster universe, a la Marvel, and that is flat out bad ass!

Enough of me babbling – check out the film below. And keep your eyes peeled, Notarile’s next project is an awesome superhero piece. You’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Notarile before you learn the details. Just know that it’s going to rock!

Synopsis: Nearly a century after the death of his creator, Frankenstein’s monster now lives a reclusive life deep within the mountains, far away from the world of man; till one day when a curious traveler finds the monster’s hidden lair. But did he stumble upon it by chance?

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