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Paying Nothing, Loving Every Bit of Marvel and Innovation’s ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Comics!

An amazing read that breaks down – in detail – the events of the VERY first 8 issues A Nightmare on Elm Street comics!

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Every once in a blue moon I’ll pull over when I spot a yard sale that has visible books and or movies. Last Sunday was a slow morning, which afforded me ample browsing time as I crept past a yard sale not a mile from my own home. I was not arrested, as my van <i>does</i> have windows, and I spotted a healthy pile of what looked to be magazines. Stopping was mandatory.

I’m an odd ball, and I enjoy collecting old issues of Scream and Fango, and figured it was worth the time of sorting through that load of faded print.

I didn’t find a single copy of Scream. I didn’t find a single copy of Fango. I did find a lot of illustrated western magazines from the 60s… and a gem I couldn’t have predicted in this lifetime.

As it turns out, whoever was into reading those old…

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