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A Series of Exorcist Clips Prepare FOX for Hell on Earth

Horror has never been hotter on the small screen. Never. With a staggering amount of genre shows cluttering numerous networks, the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing. If anything, TV terror is still surging.

Need proof?

The Exorcist is officially tapped to appear on the boob tube, FOX now looking to join the party already occupied by networks like A&E, AMC and The CW.

Given the recent failure of Damien (based on the 1976 film The Omen – another religious feature), this one feels like a major gamble for the network. Transferring vintage films to ongoing small screen series’ is a shaky game to play. Some succeed and some don’t. Given the fact that religious horror in specific is about as far from trending as fecal consumption, this one feels doomed in advance of arrival.

Just the same, FOX is going to give it a go, and the experiment will begin on Friday, September 23rd.

Look for Geena Davis to re-emerge from hiding to portray a mother convinced that her daughter has been possessed by a demon of some sort.

FOX has unleashed a series of promotional videos in the hope of igniting interest. You can get a look at those vids below. As for whether or not this will payoff for FOX remains a mystery, though gut instinct tells me today’s viewers aren’t interested in this subgenre. We’ll see soon enough.

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