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Corey Feldman Isn’t a Fan of ‘The Lost Girls’ or the New ‘Ghostbusters’

Once upon a time Warner Bros had this goofy idea to push a fourth Lost Boys film in the direction of the masses. But instead of the rugged bikers, skaters or surfers, Warner wanted a horde of female vampires to be the focus of the film. It’s been a number of years since that wretched idea was contemplated, thank the high heavens.

We’ve already seen the way the general population responds to radical changes in franchises thanks to the new all-female Ghostbusters film. Fans don’t want to see that nonsense. I mean, really, imagine a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, except, some dillhole decided it would be a better idea to replace the turtles with raccoons. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Raccoons would never fly with fans. And it has nothing to do with a general hatred of raccoons – just as fan displeasure of the new Ghostbusters film has nothing to do with hatred for women.

You just don’t radically change a successful formula for shits and giggles and think everything is going to be A-Okay with the fans who made the original formula successful. It’s not!

For as kooky as Corey Feldman can be, he’s an intelligent dude – he really is – and he’s got a pretty solid idea of what does and doesn’t work in Hollywood. And he knew that The Lost Girls was an epic failure in the making.

Feldman recently addressed the topic, and he’s sounding not only sensible, but mature about things. Perhaps it’s time we start paying this dude more respect. He’s still in Hollywood, he’s branched out to work on a number of different endeavors and he’s not only still successful, he’s a family man as well. Whether he’s starring in five films a year or not, Feldman is still a stud with a massive fan base (I’m part of that, for the record).

So, knowing that Feldman isn’t the moron that some of these childish haters want you to believe, we thought we’d highlight some of his thoughts on The Lost Girls.

After what happened with ‘Ghostbusters’, I would veer to stay away from that idea. I’m not a hater. I encourage all artistic endeavors. And I support anything as long it’s good. I just hate seeing crap, and I hate seeing schlock. And I hate seeing when they take a very valuable and positive franchise and destroy it with something that sounds like a really good idea, but is not.

So, to me…I’m a firm believer in giving the fans what we know they want. And give it to them the way they want it. It’s always nice to throw some surprises in there. But I am also not a believer in the reboot. I do not think it is a good idea. I don’t like it. I think when fans want a sequel to their favorite films, they want to see their favorite characters, and their favorite actors playing those characters, and they want to know where those characters are ten years later, or a few years later. And that is the fun of a sequel.

That is in my personal opinion as a filmgoer and a movie maker. That doesn’t mean I’m right. Everyone has the right to their opinion. I have to make sure my intentions are pure.

We’re with you, Corey, we really are. And, for the record – we friggin’ love ya, man!

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