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Negan Among the Four New Regulars on ‘The Walking Dead’

Missing your Walking Dead? Missing your news about The Walking Dead? Well, miss no more!

Fans of The Walking Dead hoping for some awesome news are about to smile wide. THR has us all covered, as they’ve broken the news that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Tom Payne, Austin Amelio, and Xander Berkeley have all been upgraded to season regulars. That said, if you’ve been following the comic books, you pretty much saw this coming.

Morgan quite obviously plays Negan, and given the fact that the feud with Negan will likely last at least a season and a half, it’s no surprise to see him bumped to series regular. Payne plays another comic favorite, Jesus, and he too has a lengthy place in the story. If Austin Amelio’s character Dwight conducts himself in the show in the same way he does in the book, he’ll prove to be a crucial piece of the Rick vs. Negan puzzle. And that leaves Berkeley, who’s going to hang on for some time as the offensive, crude, coward of the hilltop, Gregory.

So far it sure looks as though AMC and Robert Kirkman are setting their story up to utilize the comics as a general blueprint for the series. Having kept up with the comic, I can certainly say that I’m in full support of that, and there’s no doubt some serious insanity coming our way!

The Walking Dead will return to AMC on October 9th.


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