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The 25 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Streaming

5. We Are Still Here

An overachiever and then some, We Are Still Here is just a little indie film about what would appear to be a haunted house. Turns out there are a number of chilling twists to this story, and those twists, combined with an array of excellent performances from a handful of familiar and elite genre staples make this a mandatory viewing.

4. The Invitation

The Invitation is nearly devoid of action, but what it lacks in in-your-face physical aggression, it more than makes up for with psychological dread and a stunning buildup to something that may very well catch you off guard. Logan Marshall-Green is absolutely amazing as the paranoid pal invited over for something of a reunion dinner, the only question is are the mounting suspicions in his mind real, or are they the creation of a man who’s walking a mental tightrope.

3. Deathgasm

Hilarious, violent, super gory and stuffed full of heavy metal, Deathgasm is a winner on every single level conceivable. The word entertaining doesn’t do the film justice, nor does the word insane. So let me say this: imagine Sam Raimi got coked out of his mind and made Evil Dead in fast-forward with a new set of performers to combat those damned Deadites. That’s just about what Deathgasm is. And it’s glorious.

2. Goosebumps

Yep, it’s a family flick, no doubt. However, Goosebumps made for the most enjoyable trip to a theater I’ve experienced in years (okay, last year’s trip to see Halloween on the big screen was pretty remarkable). The film has a few moments of sketchy digital effects, but all in all the special effects are impressive, the performances – particularly that of Jack Black, who seems as though he was born to play the role of R.L. Stine – are polished and the story is solid. It doesn’t feel like a children’s film weighted down by filler, this is a genuinely well-made film and watching it feels more like an experience than a simple trip to the theater.

1. Hush

Hush might be my favorite film this year. Saying that, and knowing that I’ve enjoyed a plethora of flicks (a whole lot of indies on the list) halfway through 2016 is pretty wild. But this is a pretty wild flick, and it really stays with you once the TV is turned off and the lights are down low. No doubt one of the most successful home invasion films ever released, a few simple story adjustments help to elevate this one far above similar fare. Director Mike Flanagan is a certified monster, and that’s all there is to it!

Honorable Mentions: The Girl in the Photographs, Scream 2, Odd Thomas, Nightbreed, Wolf Creek 2, Dark Was the Night, Zombeavers, Pandemic

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