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‘Ibiza Undead’ Clip Delivers the Laughs Required to Create a Classic Zom-Com

Ibiza Undead

UK fans are going to be gifted what looks like a serious treat in the near future. Andy Edwards’ zom-com, Ibiza Undead has both jokes and spirit in spades. It’s the kind of flick that has the potential to be frequently compared to the great Shaun of the Dead, with a college spin, and let’s just be real here and admit that we all love Shaun of the Dead and college spins.

Will we all love Ibiza Undead? Only time will tell, but this brand new clip will definitely get you primed (personally, I’m juiced for this one!) for more British greatness!

Starring Emily Atack (The Inbetweeners), Cara Theobold (Downton Abbey, Overwatch, Crazy Face) and Matt King (Peepshow, RocknRolla) and featuring Alex Zane. The comedy is written and directed by Andy Edwards and produced by Elisar Cabrera for Templeheart Films (The Seasoning House, Devil’s Tower, Deranged), one of the UK’s most prolific genre production companies. Ibiza Undead is a wild re-imagining of a classic movie genre to really sink your teeth into!

Ibiza Undead is tapped to premiere at this year’s FrightFest London on Friday, August 26th.

Synopsis: It’s “The Inbetweeners meets Shaun of the Dead” in this slick horror comedy that’s heavy on both gore and laughs. In the new film Alex, Az and Jim head to Ibiza for their first lad’s holiday. Unfortunately for them, tagging along is Alex’s unimpressed ex-girlfriend Ellie. Arriving in Ibiza, the lads dump Ellie with Alex’s sister Liz, her friend Zara and head to San Antonio to start their week of debauchery. Soon they end up in a San Antonio club, run by local gangster Karl, where the main attractions aren’t alive… they’re dead! Thanks to Jim’s wild antics, the zombies escape and all hell breaks loose with the entire party island soon battling the undead.

IBIZA UNDEAD poster_web

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