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10 Ultraviolent Films That Shock to the Core

Cannibal Holocaust

What’s interesting about this film is that a fair portion of the ultra-violence on display homes in on animals. Animals that were actually slaughtered right there on set, true death to appease viewers (it certainly didn’t work for the entire crew, who is said to have lost their lunch and will to work on the project as a result of the animal executions). As it turns out, killing turtles and other animals isn’t exactly going to appease anyone. It’s only going to create controversy. Given the fact that it’s been banned in a number of regions, coupled with the fact that we’re all still prone to talk about the picture and a number of specific horrific sequences – typically reflecting with disgust – indicates that the goal of generating some controversy was an enormous success.

It’s still a challenge to make it through Cannibal Holocaust (widely recognized as the vilest picture in existence, as well as the first official POV flick), despite some frantic action sequences and astonishing gore. Generally I’d say this movie has a little something for every fan out there, but Cannibal Holocaust and director Ruggero Deodato pushed things way, way too far.

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