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10 Ultraviolent Films That Shock to the Core

Wolf Creek 2

If you thought Greg McLean’s first Wolf Creek film was nasty, you’re going to be totally and completely blown away by what you see in the immediate follow up. Inside the very first 10 minutes or so we get a shot between Mick Taylor and a few unsuspecting police offers. Initially it looks as though Mick may cruise off into the sunset with nothing truly relevant materializing from a traffic stop. And then, one of those cops has his brains blown to countless pieces leaving little more than a hint of what was once a jawbone. From there, it only gets more extreme. So, if you’re a gorehound, and you’re looking for something that’s really going to please you, Wolf Creek 2 is an insanely violent piece of film that makes its predecessor feel very PG-13.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that says a lot!

McLean has continued to place focus on the Wolf Creek brand, as a new mini-series debuted on Australia’s major streaming service, Stan not too long ago, and the official announcement that a Wolf Creek 3 would be headed our way soon, trailing the arrival of said mini-series. Things are looking brighter than ever for Wolf Creek, and only time will tell if the grotesqueries of Wolf Creek 2 will be prominently featured in the second film. Either way, if you need your graphic horror fix, chew on Wolf Creek 2.

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