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Short Film ‘Never Tear us Apart’ is Backwoods Terror Done Right (Review)

Nothing is better than a short film that starts off with a visual gut-punch, and Sid Zanforlin’s Never Tear us Apart accomplishes this with flying crimson colors (and a dash of humor, is that the famous Howie scream from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters I hear?).

The duo of protagonists are as cliched as the day is long. You get the wise-cracking douche and the overly curious goodie two-shoes, but the cliches stop there. The two actors keep up a great rapport, and you really get the sense that they have been lifelong friends with the small amount of dialogue they share in the six-minute film.

Why they are walking through some creepy woods to deliver a gift to an unknown recipient is questionable, but everything gets tied up by the end credits. If you are a fan of the Wrong Turn films, you will love Never Tear us Apart. There is some really creative gore, including one of the best axe-to-the-head scenes that I have ever witnessed. This blood-soaked nasty is a real treat, and will probably put even seasoned gore fans off of their lunch (especially if that lunch includes sausage).

Not much to complain about. I wish it was longer, which is a good sign. When a film that is less than ten minutes wears out its welcome, the director might want to find a new hobby. That is definitely not the case with Never Tear us Apart. I look forward to what’s next from Sid Zanforlin and the rest of the team.

Rating: 4/5

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