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The Death of VHS and VCRs; RIP to the Memories of Hazy Images and Uneven Sound

For those collectors that place all of their focus on vintage VHS tapes, a sad time is upon us. Funai Electric, the world’s very last manufacturer of VCRs is throwing in the towel and abandoning the creation of the VCR.

Apparently declining sales and a difficulty in locating repair parts for the machines served as the final straw, the proverbial camel’s back snapping. And that’s depressing news, because believe it or not, there are still a boatload of killer genre films that exist on VHS, but have yet to be transferred to either DVD or Blu-ray.

The decision to cease manufacturing however, will do some things for collectors with mammoth collections. The price of tapes is going to skyrocket like never before (and the treasures aren’t cheap, as it is) and if you’re hoping to purchase a VHS player, you’d better do it now. Ebay has a wide array of options, selling for anything from $20 to $400. Those numbers won’t fall as the component becomes harder to track down.

As a lover of grainy images, and a collector of more than 1,000 tapes, I’m left to wonder if it may be time to cash out. Regardless of all the warm nostalgia the collection brings, the house payment isn’t going anywhere.

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