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A Spoiler Filled Review and Recap of Stan’s Complete ‘Wolf Creek’ Series

Wolf Creek Episode 2

There’s almost a sense of urgency as the second episode gets to getting. Mick’s grabbing anything and everything he might need while cruising desolate lengths of highway. He’s moving with a mission, but he can’t possibly know that Eve is now on her own mission, to track him down and avenge her family’s death.

Can she?

Episode two is essentially a game of cat and mouse, though no apprehension on either part looks likely for the foreseeable future. Mick’s in a land all his own, but everywhere Eve travels she aims to gain information. She’s interrogating people left and right, wondering if they’d seen Mick or his modified rig. Just as it seems Eve may never catch a break and secure a valuable lead, she finds herself behind bars, and things get interesting.

Very little time passes before he learns, with complete certainty that Eve is hunting him. We see a very rare moment or two in which Mick doesn’t look confident to the point of extreme cockiness. His mask is showing small cracks and we’re only just now approaching the midway point of the story arc.

To what degree of madness, and uncertainty toy with Mick Taylor’s confidence and drive? Can Eve complete her transformation from young lady to self-sufficient grown up in a hurry? She’ll need to do so if she’s got any chance at walking away from the growing feud in town coming to a bloody head.

More character shine, and less action seem to be the norm for this particular episode, but that’s a good thing, it’s a chance to make viewers care about the lives we’re following. And with each scene that passes is a sliver of information to glean. Enough slivers and we’re beginning to see enough of the picture to recognize it. What’s interesting about this episode is that there’s something unseen here that feels special. It’s a bit like glue, fresh from the tube, not yet dried.

The more hurdles Eve overcomes the more faith the viewer gains. It was hard to label her anything other than an attitude on feet, but the rugged side of her personality is what’s going to improve her chances of accomplishing her vengeful goals.

We’ve got a serious travel in front of us before good meets evil in the heat of the Outback, but it is no doubt an inevitability. Two fates are pressing closer together, and the glue is quickly coagulating and drying.

Before episode two wraps we see a few crucial scenes.

First we get a look at two women seemingly stranded out in No Man’s Land. But guess who shows up to lend a helping hand? None other than the king of the jungle, Mick Taylor, who uses his line to get these gals back to his place. But, before they can make the journey, another SUV approaches and a group of younger, far less creepy guys are able to take control of the scene… or so it would seem.

Then, moments later we’re inside a small pub where Mick has a run in with a few of the jailbirds that Eve was locked up with. Two simple hoodlums who just so happen to know that Mick is driving the truck that Eve’s been asking around about. The streams are beginning to cross and it seems about time for some more action and brutality to rule the screen.

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