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A Spoiler Filled Review and Recap of Stan’s Complete ‘Wolf Creek’ Series

Wolf Creek Episode 4

Episode four picks up directly where three left off, Mick approaching the vehicle he disabled with his nifty sniper skills. But when Mick gets to the van, he finds two complete strangers, not Eve. The passenger of the vehicle, still alive, gets a hammer to the skull from a frustrated Mick Taylor.

Meanwhile we see that Eve’s nowhere near the scene of Mick’s latest murder. She’s off deep in the desert where a small gathering of people have a nice little spot to lounge and feast, among other things. Mick’s been rumored to linger around these parts, but he’s not there, and it seems he hasn’t been for some time.

Eve’s getting more complex with her hunt of Mick. She’s got case files of missing tourists and travelers, and she’s looking into those reported sites in hopes of catching the sadistic freak with his pants down, so to speak, or at least picking up some valuable information. After visiting the home of one of Mick’s victims Eve gets another look at the devastation Taylor leaves behind without so much of a second thought. But the families of his victims certainly have second thoughts – they become obsessed with their mysteries. This only looks to further fuel Eve to locate Mick Taylor.

Eve’s investigating just about lands her in hot water with someone not named Mick Taylor, someone who may know a little bit more about his missing daughter than Eve’s initially led to believe.

There’s one thing that cannot be questioned about this show: it’s got a few quality surprises that are damn near impossible to see coming. For the sake of genuine surprise I’ll refrain from dropping spoilers. Trust in the fact that you’d prefer to be surprised… and just about every moment of the fourth episode makes for repeated surprises. It’s hard not to respect the writing team behind this one – they’ve pulled out all the stops to keep us quite engaged in the tale.

As the episode edges toward finality, Eve finally encounters someone who may be able to help, someone who doesn’t have a secret to hide. Can he offer her much in the way of quality 411? He looks to be some form of a witch doctor (something of this nature) and although he saves Eve’s life after her vehicle gets trapped in the desert, he’s mysterious and unreadable.

Cut away to a look at local law enforcement, trailing Eve, trailing Mick. Will he catch up to either in time to prevent more unnecessary death? The man investigating gets some valuable information from a local restaurant owner, the same one we met earlier in the season, back before Eve’s family had been executed.

Bouncing back to Eve and her current status we see that the mystery man she’s met looks to be as honest as initial perception indicated. He takes time to help teach Eve a few combat lessons, which no doubt will come in handy soon.

Before the final credits roll we get one last look at the police officer trailing Eve, and he finds some concrete evidence in the spent shell casing from Mick’s gun, near the van he disabled before killing its occupants. We also get one final look at Eve and her newfound mentor. He knows what she’s doing, and he advises her that the time to take action is upon her. With two episodes left, the final battle is inevitable.

I’m just wondering how many more random but well-placed surprises await viewers. The clock’s running down. Eve’s on the move in a new vehicle (no spoilers, so I won’t tell you how she acquires said vehicle, but I will tell you this: she runs directly into the lawman who’s been on her trail), but that too changes in moments. This cop may be the only one on hand physically and mentally capable of assisting Eve, who’s a bit anxious and leery of the man and his intentions.

We’re going to be forced to wait on the truth until wrapping episode five, which is minutes away!

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