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A Spoiler Filled Review and Recap of Stan’s Complete ‘Wolf Creek’ Series

Wolf Creek Episode 5

The fifth episode opens to a few unfamiliar faces (and one very familiar face), but the unknowns will likely be tied to the story soon enough, with just two episodes remaining. The introductory shot follows these strangers into a bar, which, initially doesn’t lead us all too far. But it’s obvious that there’s another blossoming subplot preparing to clear the restraints and with such little time on the clock, so to speak, we’ll either learn of their fate or watch them weeded out of story with no follow up.

A quick trip to a small room shows our heroine studying up on the monster who killed her family. It’s an extremely satisfying scene as this is the most blatant nod to the past happenings in the franchise; Benjamin Mitchell’s (who appeared in the original Wolf Creek) medical documents rest in Eve’s hands. She studies them meticulously, determined to see things through to the end, and bring Mick’s massacring ways to a sudden halt.

Bouncing into the Outback once more we get an absolutely disgusting look at a man – the man who’s been tailing Eve for a number of episodes now – severing his own hand with a hacksaw. That’s a nice little touch that fits the story well and seems, hell, just appropriare.

What’s more relevant to this story isn’t so much the dismemberment, it’s the fact that Eve is polishing her investigative ways, finding more chances to produce successful outcomes. She’s closing in on Mick. As a matter of fact the two just about bump shoulders in a local pub. It’s looking more like a cat and mouse game by the moment, but Mick isn’t one to tamper with. Despite the cliché, ignorant desert dweller staple he wears so proudly, he’s a deceptively intelligent monster, every day further sharpening his technical skills, which are already quite amazing.

Within 25 minutes we witness Mick take another life, this time, it’s the cop that’s been occasionally helping Eve. Mick’s on it. He knows someone is trailing him, but he’s not all that interested in getting to know his shadow, he’d much rather be done with the whole ordeal and execute the poor bastards in bloody fashion.

Before all of this happens, though, it’s important to note that Eve comes awfully close to pushing Mick into a corner, getting his plate numbers… not that they turn up much, as the plates, you guessed, are fixed to a vehicle that was never his.

Back to the current flow of things and we spot Eva ratcheting up the tension in order to complete the mission she knows she’s capable of. Along the way she runs into numerous speed bumps, but they’re not about to deter this woman, who will now spend her remaining days tracking, praying, resting before once more – this time, ideally, with a slightly different outcome –confronting the prolific murderer.

The more Eve pokes around, the more she understands how far ahead of her Mick really is. This is Mick’s game and he plays it well. Far too well for a teenage girl to actually pose some form of threat to the man, surely. Surely?

There isn’t much time remaining before the episode ends, but Eve uses that time wisely, loading up an absolute arsenal while crafting a deeply personal letter to her father, a background track plays the letter, a sorrowful note that only makes us love Eve more.

Oh, and it isn’t just ole Mick that shows up where she’s holed up waiting. No, a squad of hillbillies show up set on the idea of utilizing their own weapons to turn the woman into Swiss cheese. Why these guys are here has me a little confused. Maybe that has something to do with forgetting a few details, and maybe this script just took on a shaky vibe. Either way, these savages think this young lady has done them wrong in some way.

Another interesting knot is the loose end of the drifter being tied up. Apparently these old bastards used to all be cronies, but only this man, this one who’s been on the radar for a hot minute, seems to be walking the straight edge. Perhaps a byproduct of taking the fall for these guys and losing nearly a decade of his life in the process.

Now things settle into the final sprint. It’s early preparation time, and these two have teamed up to bring Mick Taylor down.

Now, let me nitpick a little bit. There is a moment, just literally a minute or two before the episode ends when these two begin to get intimate. It doesn’t last long, cut short by Eve’s own demons, but it still happens, and I’m a little weirded out by that. This guy is olf enough to be her father! Not. Right.

Not that it’s much of a concern… Mick coms in the night…

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