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‘Phantasm: Ravager’ FINALLY Being Released? Details Inside!

We’ve already been waiting a few years to see Phantasm: Ravager. The film that is said to bring the long-running story to a close looks amazing (you’ll see a trailer below), but are we truly done holding our breaths for this one?

Something interesting is brewing here, however, and whatever it is boiling in that cauldron, it’s starting to smell awfully appetizing.

The Monster-Mania Convention crew took to Facebook to offer an update that feels more like a glorious revelation.

“Just got word today that Reggie Bannister has to postpone his appearance at MMCON35 due to the release of PHANTASM 5 in LA the same weekend as our show,” Dave Hagan wrote, implying Phantasm: Ravager could receive a theatrical release as soon as September 30th.

Just to clarify that statement, Hagan later reiterated, saying “Phantasm 5 is coming out the same weekend as MMCON35.”

Doesn’t get much clearer than that, right?

Has the mystery truly been solved? Is Phantasm: Ravager en route? Goodness are we hoping these questions give way to some cold, hard facts!

A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, and Angus Scrimm will all return to reprise their roles as Mike, Jody and The Tall Man, respectively. Kathy Lester (Phantasm) is also back and Daniel Schweiger (John Dies at the End) joins the fold.

Synopsis: The film follows the continued exploits of brothers Mike and Jody along with family friend Reggie as they battle the Tall Man, a supernatural undertaker and his evil minions from another dimension for the final time.


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