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True Horror: When Tigers Attack

While we like to keep our content focused primarily on film, television, cartoons, etc., every once in a while we’ve got to share a factual story that serves to both terrify and sadden, deeply.

While at a drive-through animal park in Beijing, one mother risked everything to save her daughter.

According to The New York Times a familial argument cost more than anyone could have imagined.

Reports indicate that two women, along with the daughter’s husband and the couple’s child, were visiting the Badaling Wildlife World Park when all chaos broke out. An argument erupted in the vehicle, the younger woman exited the car after an argument began.

You’ll soon see in a video affixed below that the woman exited the passenger side of the car before walking around to the driver’s side. And that’s when it happened – true horror, all caught on cam, as a tiger attacked mercilessly. The woman’s husband and mother attempted to save the woman.

Although action, from both the woman’s family and the park rangers was swift, it was not swift enough to prevent any casualties.

The woman’s mother was killed, while the younger woman sustained serious injuries. Both the husband, and their young child suffered no physical injuries, though the loss they’ve endured will no doubt resonate a life time.

This just goes to remind us all that while we’re wrapped up in fictitious danger, busy cheering on our favorite onscreen villains and cheering for our lovable final girls, we can all indeed run into potentially fatal situations at the most unexpected of times.

Our condolences go out to this poor woman’s family.

Warning: Graphic Content

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