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Michael Keaton Shares Depressing News About ‘Beetlejuice 2’

We’ve been talking about a follow up to Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice for quite a while. And for some time, it looked as though the film might actually become a reality. But, over the last year chatter went from loud and attention grabbing to complete and utter silence.

Not a good sign.

Michael Keaton recently spoke with Variety and shared his thoughts on a sequel, and the status of the film, if there is any in the works.

“No. Zero,” Keaton replied in regards to production movement. “You always hear things, that this is happening, and people seem to know more about it than I do. It’s possible that ship has sailed.”

“The only way to do it is to do it right,” he continued. “So much of it was improvised and so much was beautifully handmade by the artist that is Tim Burton. If you can’t get close to that, you leave it alone. There are certain movies that are like Indian burial grounds. You never ride over them. Bad shit happens if you cross that. You don’t touch certain things. They are sacred.”

It now seems obvious that Keaton, and likely Burton are recognizing Beetlejuice’s brilliance, thus opting to leave sacred as it should be – untouched, and, well, sacred.

As cool as it would be to see a sequel to Beetlejuice, I’m just as content seeing that story remain a masterful one-off. A Beetlejuice 2 could be awe inspiring, but it could also backfire louder than Ash William’s beloved Delta 88. Some movies just don’t call for sequels, and this seems to be just that sort of film.

That said, there may be one film in history that really, really didn’t require a sequel or reboot, and that was Ghostbusters, a once brilliant franchise now dealing with the scars of a disappointing reboot that should have never been contemplated, let alone made. And that just proves that if Hollywood gets greedy enough, they find a way to dig up old bones – even treasured bones – just to try and milk those skeletal remains for anything they’ve got left.

As much as it sucks to admit it, it’s best to leave Beetlejuice as is. It’s legendary. It’s iconic. It’s a movie that doesn’t need to be tampered with.

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