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Win an Autographed Copy of Lee McGeorge’s Prequel to David Cronenberg’s ‘Videodrome’!

If you’re a reader, and you’re a fan of David Cronenberg’s classic Videodrome, you’re going to absolutely love Lee McGeorge’s prequel, Videodrome: Days of O’Blivion. Our good friend Josh Hancock has already crafted a compelling review of the novel over on our sister site HNR, so do yourself a favor and check that review out. Trust this: YOU WANT THIS NOVEL!

And, you can have it. Not only will we be giving away a few autographed copies of the novel, you can also download a digital copy of this one right here… although we recommend you pursue that autographed copy… it’s a keeper and it’s the kind of paperback you’ll want to add to your collection!

And since we’re talking the genius of Lee McGeorge, we’ve got to touch down on a truly masterful tale that many will see as a familiar title. Lee’s brilliant prequel to John Carpenter’s The ThingThe Thing: Zero Day was an absolute blast of a read, faithful to Carpenter’s film and addictive on a level few novels rarely reach (for the record, I’ve never read a piece of fan fiction so seamlessly assembled and thoroughly researched. So, of course we’ve got to issue a major co-sign in regards to that novel as well, as it’s not only a stellar read, it was also one of our Best of 2015 selections.

Want more good news?

You can actually grab a digital version of Zero Day right here, as it’s a free “fan fiction” (this is such an exceptional read you’ll forget entirely that it’s a piece of fan fiction, as fan fiction is very rarely so well-crafted) piece that’s going to leave your head spinning.

But, enough praise for Zero Day, let’s get back to the amazing matter at hand, McGeorge’s Videodrome: Days of O’Blivion.

We’re going to be dishing out two autographed copies of the book, and it’s really rather easy to put yourself in the running for a signed copy. I’ll let Lee explain how you can win this one:

SynopsisAt the height of the Cold War, two men have invented a special kind of television technology. A signal that produces strange and unusual side effects in those who watch it. But as these men try to bring their invention to market, a mysterious corporation conspires to develop the technology not as an extension of television, but as a weapon that can eliminate nations.

A fast and ingenious thriller that delves into the background of David Cronenberg’s horror classic, examining not only how and why Videodrome came to exist, but exploring the ideology that would make it priceless.

videodrome cover

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