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The View from the Trailer Park – Maybe Yes, Maybe No! ‘They’re Watching’ (Review)

Written by: Daniel McDonald

Directed by: Jay Lender, Micah Wright

Cast: Mia Faith, Kris Lemche, David Alpay

From its title alone, They’re Watching lets you know that it is (trying to be) more than just another low budget fright fest. The fact that the double inference is a bit too obvious and not very funny, tells you it’s gonna be a “roll the dice” experience.

A TV film crew for a home repair show travels to a secluded, run down house in Moldavia (after a too much information, oh S””” it’s a found footage flick prologue) to record a loving couple’s (fresh faced history buff Brigid Brannagh and her what’s up with him boyfriend Christian Bellini) restoration project.

After the six months they’ve been given to do the deal, we return to the crew returning to tape the show, bantering in semi humorous, character defining, and expositional revealing way. If this sounds a bit by the book, it is. Luckily the talent of the young cast – sarcastic funny man Kris Lemche, brittle does she know any other word than F*** Carrie Genzel, there because….every B horror film needs a hot blonde Mia Faith, and charismatic “I’ll protect you” hunk David Alpay. This crew has relationship connections and difficulties that help us know that not only is something coming (eventually and I MEAN that) but also the role they will play when the film kicks into high gear, at the one hour mark.

It turns out that the house is amazingly beautiful which Brannagh credits to her away on business boyfriend. The crew notices several unusually interested town folk, including the affable rental agent Dimitri Diatencho, who fills them in on the supernatural history of the town and especially the recently restored house. It involves a 600 year old witch, and unfortunately for them, the house itself.

After several” loud, rude American” confrontations, the crew discovers that their only means of transportation has been savagely destroyed. Spending the night in the house and more frequent appearances of townsfolk reveals the darker and more emotional side of the crew, and one by one strange, nasty things begin to happen.

To say more would rob the viewer of the fun, gruesome events and situations that basically are the film’s high energy, just passable, CGI laden finale, filled with twists and turns that are cheesy, B movie staples. In conclusion I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this not very scary Netflix new release, but I went into it with fairly low expectations. Better than average lensing by Tudor Maceon and Blake Berrie’s helpfully efficient editing as well as a colorful score by Jonathan Wanugh made it easy on the eye and ear.

As a midsummer pizza and beer night entertainment, I think it’s fine, although you may find yourself laughing at, rather than with this Micah Wright, Jay Lender co-written and directed sophomore effort… I’m just saying

Rating: 2/5


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