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‘Don’t Look in the Basement 2’ is Good B-Movie Fun (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: TonyBrownrigg

Cast: Chester Rushing, Andrew Sensenig, Frank Mosley

After nearly 45 years, Tony Brownrigg follows in his father S.F. Brownrigg’s footsteps, piecing together Don’t Look in the Basement 2, a fun nod to vintage looney flicks. The original film had the BAD B-MOVIE brand all over it, but it somehow proved to be a fun film with a few stimulating sequences. Tony’s work also has a throwback appearance to it, but the lighting and the frenzied moments look much more polished than what we see from the first film. But even if superior technically, is Tony’s film actually better, and more enjoyable?

The simple answer is yes.

This however, is no clean sweep for either film – which, for the record, only enhance one another, I don’t think they compete in the slightest – each bringing a different tone and a different form of thrill to the screen. The first film has an amateur, almost clumsy feel to it, lending a strange measure of gritty realism to it all, while the second features far superior sound and cinematography, but a tongue in cheek quality that feels decades old but awkwardly modern. It’s an extremely strange but wicked engaging mix of genre styles, and it holds the attention.

The story is essentially a mirrored reflection of the first flick. A new employee turns up at a shady care facility of sorts. It isn’t long before the new arrival begins suspecting that there are unnatural occurrences at work. Personalities are shifting, positions in the hospital are becoming distorted, and sure enough, violence soon erupts, as everyone seems to be out of their mind. Ultimately the first and second film are tied together fairly well, and they both actually make for very solid back-to-back views.

You won’t see this film on many Best of lists, but it’s a fun little indie film with an attempt at formulating an intelligent twist or two to really keep viewers hanging on. Those attempts to be better than average earn big points from me, and the performances, generally strong and very convincing, earn a second thumb extended. There are noticeable mistakes from time to time, but ultimately Don’t Look in the Basement 2 is more about having fun, generating jolts and interweaving two tales separated by more than four decades.

This one went out in the latest Blu-ray HorrorPack. A month or so prior, however, there was a brief deal in which you could purchase the second film and in turn receive the original film on a bonus disc with further additional supplements. They topped the whole deal off with an autographed poster. Pretty awesome deal that proved worthy of every cent.

Rating: 3.5/5

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