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‘Scooby Doo, Where Are You’ S.01 Ep.01 ‘What a Night for a Knight’ (Recap and Review)

Like so many great Scooby Doo episodes, What a Night for a Knight opens to a dark, foggy image. There’s an abandoned pickup on the side of the road, loaded with a sizable package destined for a nearby museum, which somehow makes the whole image feel just a tad more unnerving.

The box seems to belong to one Jameson Hyde White. At this point we’ve only seen the museum’s curator and his baggage man. Thus far, suspects are slim.

It isn’t long before the gang returns to the museum, curious about that package, said to hold the Dark Knight, and even more curious about Jameson Hyde White, who, at this point is the only player missing in the picture.

Shag breaks into the museum and does a little perusing before letting the rest of the gang in. Fred pulls out his go-to awesome idea. “Let’s split up!” Doesn’t Fred say that in every Scooby Doo episode ever made? You’ve got to love the consistency.

Half of the episode is wrapped when the chase finally gets underway. The Dark Knight comes to life, trailing Scoob and Velma… looking particularly creepy with glowing yellow eyes, might I add. Velma ends up without her glasses, as will become a ritual throughout the years, all the while unbeknownst to the young Brainiac, the Knight is trapped right at her feet. But we can’t finish the episode that quickly, so we cut away to a look at Shaggy, who’s now being chased.

This Knight doesn’t seem all too determined to actually catch these kids, and the very same could be said for them. Eventually however, the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place for the group and it isn’t long before one massive session of clumsiness erupts and the Dark Knight is revealed to be the museum’s curator. Well, there were only three options, and one failed to make a single appearance during the chase, which only further narrowed the field of options.

How do you rate a Scooby Doo episode? They’re all old school 5-star views for me!


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