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‘Chopping Block’ Heads Our Way on DVD and Blu-ray this Month

Ready for some good old fashioned bloody fun? If so, you’re ready for Chopping Block!

Chopping Block just came out of nowhere, but it looks like a serious blast fit to appeal to those with a sense of humor and a love for slasher pics. We know we’ll be tuning in, no doubt about it!

Joshua Hull writes in addition to directing. Haley Madison (Headless), Michael Malone (Bethlehem), Jas Sams (V/H/S), Melissa Revels (The Darkening). Bob East (Pitfire of Hell), Nick Wayne (Totally Baked), and Bryan Wilson (Resurrection) star in the film.

Be prepared to make a worthy investment come August 30th when the movie hits Special Edition Blu-ray, DVD, and Vimeo On Demand. Or, go ahead and pre-order the movie right here.

Dig on the trailer and poster below!

Synopsis: Chopping Block follows a group of corporate guys who get laid off. Desperate times call for desperate measures. They decide to kidnap their ex-boss’s daughter for ransom. Things take a bloody turn, when the boss’s daughter just happens to be the only survivor of a masked psychopath. A masked psychopath still out for blood. Hilarity & bloodshed ensue…


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