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‘Lights Out 2’ Gets the Greenlight; James Wan to Produce Once Again

David F. Sandberg’s Lights Out is winning in a big way at the box office. Shot on a budget just south of $5 million, the movie has already earned more than $63 million worldwide. It opened in the third position at the box office with a $21 million take (more than four times the production costs) and hasn’t slowed down much after 10 days on the market.

This of course has left Warner Bros. and producer James Wan completely overjoyed, as the little movie that could is turning into a certified genre powerhouse. With Warner stoked at the fantastic reception the film has received (brilliant decision pushing the release date up, for the record), talks of a sequel are already being thrown around the offices. In fact, it’s now an official guarantee that we’ll see a second Lights Out picture. And James Wan will return to produce once more. Let’s just hope Sandberg is game – and has the time (I see a staggeringly busy schedule in the man’s immediate future) – to direct Lights Out 2.

“It’s friggin’ awesome,” said Jeff Goldstein, Warner Bros. Executive Vice President of domestic film distribution. “Whenever you can gross more than four times your budget on the domestic opening weekend, that’s a grand slam home run.”

Goldstein’s excitement is being echoed by horror fans around the world. In fact, Lights Out was such an impressive piece of work that hardcore fans are now wildly optimistic about Annabelle 2, the follow up to the forgotten stinker Annabelle, which is Sandberg’s next assignment.

Annabelle was critically panned and generally fan loathed, currently sporting a 29-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer. We’re betting Annabelle 2 will produce a dramatically different form of reception. And as for Lights Out 2, well, if Sandberg is the brilliant mind behind the cameras, we’re going to field yet another horror treat!

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