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Everything We Know About ‘American Horror Story: The Lost Colony’!

Editor’s note: Twentieth Century Fox has demanded we pull these images from the site. Looks like our little theory might carry some weight. These folks seem awfully concerned about these pics. Perhaps they should tighten things up and make sure there aren’t any suspicious characters lingering around their sets with cameras in hand.

Okay, we don’t actually know all that much about season six of American Horror Story, but there are now enough hints online to form some very probable story options. Plus, if the name of the show does indeed end up being The Lost Colony, we’ll get to look like uber cool, over-confident D-bags for a few days before reality beats us down into the depths of reality once more.

There are few small screen productions that are able to successfully keep plot details and set occurrences so silent you’d swear there was no production in development, anywhere. It’s American Horror Story, one of those shows that forces fans into constantly guessing at the next maneuver. Will showrunners lead us east, or west?

When it comes to American Horror Story, the details very rarely matter. Each different season delivers something so radical that you’ll either love it or hate it. The surprises are fun, the shifts in settings are awesome, and it almost always makes for a compelling time just guessing at what craziness the latest season will offer once we have a firm understanding of the story’s direction. Again, none of it matters, and that’s because AHS is an awesome show that always features passionate performances and elaborate setups. Ryan Murphy goes all in, and if you’re a part of a Ryan Murphy production, you’re going all the way in, as well.

While I truly do stand by the belief that knowledge obtained in advance of each American Horror Story season debut is of little value, there are a whole lot of others out there that can’t get this crap out of their minds. They love to know all the details so far in advance they’d surely forget them, were they not reciting them in their sleep. They want every shred of 411 you can give ‘em, and they’ll chew on those threads for months if need be.

So today I aim to make a few peoples’ days feel special, because we’ve got some major hints, images and a bunch of videos of American Horror Story.

Let’s start with the pictures of the supposed set of American Horror Story Season 6, provided by TMZ.

Now we can get into some of the really cool facts.

First, check out the tree image of the provided set photos. Notice the word CROATOAN etched into a tree. The word is relevant because on July 4th, 1584 the English arrived on Roanoke Island, and soon began nurturing relationships with local tribes, the Secotans and Croatoans.

This knowledge, coupled with the marked tree, serve as some good brain fodder. But looking at the other images, you’ll note that the cabins, goods and tools surrounding the cabins, seem to be appropriate for the time frame, as well.

Back in March we learned that this season of American Horror Story would revolve around two separate time frames. Those pictures, and that history, hint at one of those time periods being the 16th century, with a key focus on the Lost Colony, a sizable community that vanished into thin air sometime between 1584 and 1587.

We’ll move on and see if we can glean something from this series of six promotional videos.

There isn’t much to see from the first video, although during the final few seconds it almost sounds as though we’re hearing a mixture of a chainsaw and a woman’s screams. Chainsaws, if that is what we’re hearing, weren’t invented until 1830, which chips away at the 16th century idea. But, we’ve got five more clips to study.

There’s a bit more meat on this bone, but we still don’t get much, and not a single shot in the trailer features a clear image. That said, the glowing eyes hints at some serious supernatural happenings, and the rags this family is wearing could be faithful to the period.

I’m not entirely sure of what to make of the “PG” or “P6” (is it all just a play on the season’s logo?) stapled into this dude’s head, but it does clearly appear to be a more modern setting we’re seeing in this video. That at least supports the idea that American Horror Story Season 6 will be set in two different time periods.

Here’s another video that leaves us scratching our heads. There are a number of sharp items dangling about here, including a meat hook, a large knife what looks to be a sickle. The knife and sickle would be accessible tools in the 16th century. As for the meat hook, I’m uncertain of how deep that history runs. Regardless, this could be a nice blend of both time frames, all art-ified for us.

I’m not certain of what to make of this promotional video. We see the steel steps, we see countless hands reaching from beneath the stairs, and we hear the sounds of terror below. This look seems to fit in line with the third video we showed you. So, we could be preparing to see some nasty torture in our future.

And then finally you’ve got that video, which clearly indicates that giant millipedes will prove the unlikely protagonist of season six of American Horror Story.

On a serious note, there looks to be enough visual evidence to support the belief that we’ll be seeing the story of the Lost Colony. How that ties into anything else remains to be seen.

American Horror Story returns on September 14th.

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