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File this Under Terrifying Reality: A Family of Bears ACTUALLY Comes Looking to Devour Goldilocks

Here’s another dose of shocking real life horror.

Imagine for just a minute that you’re hanging out in your comfy pad when a family of hungry bears just barges in on you, not a care in the world for your personal privacy.

That’s what happened to poor Rodney Ginn, who for the record, doesn’t sport golden locks.

“I couldn’t believe what was happening,” Rodney Ginn, the shocked resident, told Inside Edition. Nonetheless, he managed to start filming with his cell phone.

“I saw a momma bear and her two cubs looking for food.”

The best part of this video has to no doubt be the, “Holy f***ing s***!” Ginn bellows as a bear charges him.

This is all just too golden not to share with you!

Watch the video below.

Source: Yahoo

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