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One Week Left to be a Part of History and Help Fund the ‘Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game’

Continuing our support of Space Goat’s wickedly cool board game Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game, we’re bringing you some new imagery from the game that all but illustrates the rules and regulations of Evil Dead 2, in addition to a reminder: You’ve got one week, that’s seven days left to contribute to this amazing Kickstarter project and walk away with some absolutely incredible goods. We’re talking amazing stuff here!

So, we’re going to get this ball rolling by showing you some of the inner workings of the game, because after you see this stuff, you’re going to really, really want to get your hands on the game. No joke there, whatsoever. Even a near-40 father of three like myself can feel the child pulling at my insides in hope of finally breaking completely free.

Just check this stuff out, and drool.

Okay, now that you’ve learned a lot more about the game, we’re going to highlight a few of the really cool donation packages and prizes you can still pick up, all the while helping to make history happen.


If you choose to chip in the smallest amount possible, which is $5 you’re still going to get a Digital Copy of Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn #1 and all of the Kickstarter updates about the game.


Now let’s take a step up and say, we’re going to invest a clean $60 bones in this project! Well, guess what? That’s actually going to get you an official copy of the game. Awesome, right? Hell yes, it is.

If you’ve got bigger bucks, the awesome guys at Space Goat have some amazing extras that are going to make for mighty valuable collectibles one day.

Here’s a quick rundown:


Pledge $175 and receive: Get a pair of Hand Crafted, Custom Made, wooden dice carved from the actual cabin used in the filming of Evil Dead 2! These are Limited Edition dice that come with a Certificate of Authenticity and are guaranteed to be infused with the Spirit of the Cabin. Also comes with a deluxe version of the game.

Pledge $500 and you’re going to become a part of history in a way you may not have expected: In this tier you’ll be drawn into an official Evil Dead 2 comic published in 2017, and receive 10 copies of the comic you appear in. You will also receive a deluxe copy of the game.

Evil Dead 2 Board Game

Click and then click the box in the right corner to expand to full size.

And, if you just don’t give a damn about money, because you’ve got so much you can bathe in it (I’m looking at you, Floyd Mayweather!), then donate $1,750 and become immortalized in yet another way, and walk away with even more cool goodies: Your likeness will be made into one of the nine Deadite figures included in the Deadite Army pack given to all players. You will also receive a larger individual figure of your Deadite, a pair of custom-carved CABIN DICE (made from the wood from the actual movie cabin), and a DELUXE copy of the game. Total value far exceeds pledge amount–so claim your place as a Deadite Soldier for all eternity today!

We told you there were some amazing collectibles still available, and we weren’t lying. It’s time to do your part and become one with the Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game!

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