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Prolific Producer Peter Block is Bringing ‘Pumpkinhead’ Back to the Big Screen

Prolific genre producer Peter Block (who’s produced a staggering number of horror flicks, including every single Saw film, Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed, See No Evil, Fido and The Midnight Meat Train, to name just a few) has acquired rights to the Pumpkinhead franchise, and he doesn’t plan on sitting around letting the vengeful beastie gather dust.

Peter Block is going to resurrect Pumpkinhead, and that’s a damn glorious thing to inform you of! The Pumpkinhead franchise has long been plagued by disappointing, underwhelming, technically messy sequels. Outside of the inaugural picture, there’s very little to find enjoyable throughout the remainder of the franchise.

And this acquisition and the subsequent plans to reboot the franchise actually serve as the rare example of remaking the right film. Hollywood loves to remake beloved and masterful works while never pretending to make an attempt at rejuvenating a title that had big potential but failed to reach it. Pumpkinhead has always been that film that had big potential that it just never lived up to. Given Block’s experience, all of that could change very soon. Block’s got an eye for horror, and we’re really hoping the right crew is attached to this project.

Pumpkinhead deserves it.

According to EW, Block plans on getting things moving in 2017, though no director has been pinned down for the new film, which Block plans to deliver to theaters across the map. Yeah, we bet you never thought you’d see a Pumpkinhead flick hit the big screen.

It’s happening folks, and we’re going to keep you in the loop as news develops!

Source: EW

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