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Dario Argento Doesn’t Like the Idea of Remaking ‘Suspiria’ and He’s Been Left in the Dark!

So for a really, really long time we’ve been hearing that Dario Argento’s classic, Suspiria would be one of the next big genre films to receive the remake treatment. Of course, the momentum hasn’t exactly picked up much, and at this point there are some major question marks as to whether or not the remake will actually happen.

Personally, I don’t think we’ll ever see this Suspiria remake come to light. That said, earlier this year an announcement was made that Luca Guadagnino would direct the film, so… maybe it happens?

Since that directorial announcement, however, we’ve heard just about JACK.

For a remake that’s been made to order for about a half-decade (literally), things don’t seem to be moving forward much. This hasn’t escaped the eye of Argento.

“I’ve been waiting for this project to come about for so many years,” Argento tells Indiewire. “The copyrights were bought about seven years ago. First, they belonged to 20th Century Fox, then they were handed over to some other companies, and so on. But what’s really absurd — really unbelievable — is that I have never, ever been asked about it. I mean, I never got a call or anything, asking me about casting, locations, whatever. I know nothing about this project except what I read in the papers. I repeat: I have never, ever been asked about it.”

It’s pretty damn wild to think that no one whatsoever has contacted the man who created the original film (I’ll freely admit that Argento’s filmmaking ways have – sadly – spiraled in a nearly unparalleled fashion over the last decade, which could play a part in the complete disregard for Argento’s input), which, in this humble opinion, truly is an original film. And, it seems as though Argento knows how he could be of value to a new vision of the story.

When asked how he might be interested in adding to the production, Argento notes “I might give some advice on the screenplay, the script, maybe the locations,” Argento continues by adding a little reflection. “When I did the film, I did a lot of research with the location scout. I heard that this remake, if it’s ever made, will be shot again in Europe. So I might be able to provide useful advice about that. But, honestly, I do think it would be better if it wasn’t remade.”

I wouldn’t sweat it too much, sir. Asia may be 60 by the time this remake actually moves forward.

“The film has a specific mood,” Argento states. “Either you do it exactly the same way — in which case, it’s not a remake, it’s a copy, which is pointless — or, you change things and make another movie. In that case, why call it Suspiria?”

Here’s a better question, Dario, why even pretend this movie is going to be made?

In Argento’s original film the story picks up In a stormy night, [when] the American dancer Suzy Bannion arrives in Freiburg coming from New York to join a famous and expensive ballet school for three years training. On the next morning, she is informed by the direction of the school that a student she met leaving the place on the previous night was violently murdered and the police are investigating the crime. She becomes friend of another student, Sara, and she realizes that the house is indeed a coven of evil witches.

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