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Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Don’t Breathe’

The hype for Fede Alvarez’s new flick, Don’t Breathe has just about reached fever pitch. There’s good reason for that, as the movie looks wildly intense and features a handful of performers that are nothing short of amazing. Jane Levy isn’t just gorgeous, she’s great, and Stephen Lang is hands down one of the greatest performers in the business today. He may somehow still be somewhat underrated by mainstream media, but he’s a brilliant, brilliant performer that stands out in every feature he’s cast in. That’s not just my inner fanboy talking, either – he truly is a modern great.

In other words, there’re a number of reasons to be extremely juiced for the arrival of Don’t Breathe. It’s going to be another homerun for Alvarez, and that’s always a good thing, as horror needs all the stand outs possible.

Today we’ve got a look at a new vignette that takes fans behind the scenes to get a glimpse of the filmmaking process in addition to a little extra footage we haven’t caught in any other promotional vids. It’s worth your time!

Stephen Lang (Avatar), Jane Levy (Evil Dead), Daniel Zovatto (It Follows), and Dylan Minnette (Goosebumps) star.

The film arrives on August 26th.

Check out the new vignette below!

Synopsis: A trio of reckless thieves breaks into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with the perfect heist. They’re wrong.

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