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‘Tales of Halloween’ Will Soon Stalk Homes in a Beautiful 4-Disc Blu-ray and DVD Release!

Hey, you guys remember that killer anthology flick Tales of Halloween that hit digital outlets last year? It had a ton of talent involved, 10 slick segments and enough variety to please any horror fan. But shortly after it arrived, and Halloween had passed, all talk of the film died and things went quiet. It left us all wondering, when we’d have the chance to buy the beauty on disc.


Well, as it turns out, we media weirdos see about a trillion press releases hit our inboxes on a daily basis. The truth is, it’s hard to keep up with. But every once in a while something hits the inbox that screams SHARE ME! One of those just came through, and it’s solved the mystery of Tales of Halloween.

We’re finally going to see a Blu-ray of the flick hit stands, and that has us pumped!

Epic Pictures will send this one home on September 13th.

We’ll spare you the hype, because you don’t need it. The movie rocks. What we will share with you, however, is the contents of this – get ready for it – four disc Blu-ray/DVD release!!

Disc 1 – Blu-ray of the Feature (Region Free)

Disc 2 – DVD of the Feature (Region Free)

Disc 3 – Soundtrack CD:

“Tales of Halloween Main Title” – Lalo Schifrin

“Sweet Tooth” – Christopher Drake

“The Night Billy Raised Hell” – Bobby Johnston

“Trick” – Joseph Bishara

“The Weak and the Wicked” – Austin Wintory

“Grim Grinning Ghost” – Christian Henson

“Ding Dong” – Sean Spillane

“This Means War” – Michael Sean Colin

“Friday the 31st” – Joseph Bishara

“Limbchoppalooza!” – Edwin Wendler

“The Ransom of Rusty Rex” – Christopher Drake

“It’s Not a F*****g Kid!” – Christopher Drake

“He Will Never Leave You” – Christopher Drake

“Bad Seed” – Christian Henson

“Tales of Halloween” – Jimmy Pyscho

Disc 4 – DVD of Bonus Features (Region Free):

Exclusive Shorts:

Brain Death (21 minutes) – directed by Neil Marshall

The Halloween Kid (7 minutes) – directed by Axelle Carolyn

The Evil (5 Mins) – directed by Mike Mendez

Boilly (30 seconds) – directed by Lucky Mckee

Thirsty (14 minutes) – directed by Andrew Kasch & John Skipp

Hot Rod Worm (4 minutes) – directed by Andrew Kasch & John Skipp

No Rest for the Wicked (15 minutes) – directed by Ryan Stiffen

Video Diaries:

2-3 Video Diaries for each segment of the anthology, featuring interviews with the directors, cast, and crew, and sneak peeks behind the scenes on set. Total Run Time: Approximately 60 minutes, Stereo/Mono Audio

Additional Bonus Materials:

Deleted Scene / “Grim Grinning Ghost” – directed by Axelle Carolyn

Behind-the-Scenes featurette / “Sweet Tooth” – directed by Dave Parker

Anatomy of a Scene / “Friday the 31st” – directed by Mike Mendez

Fun Facts / Pop-up Video Commentary for Selected Segments

Photo Gallery / Behind the Scenes of “Bad Seed”

Storyboards / “Ding”

You can pre-order this set right now, right here.


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