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Kino Lorber Delivers Fritz Lang’s ‘Destiny’ on Blu-ray

If you’ve never seen a Fritz Lang film, you’ve missed some legitimately classic material. While M may be Lang’s true magnum opus, Destiny is a piece to check out, most certainly. Thanks to Kino Lorber, we’re going to see an awesome restoration in a wicked new Blu-ray release!

Lil Dagover, Bernhard Goetzke, Walter Janssen, Hans Sternberg, Wilhelm Diegelmann and Rudolf Klein Rogge star.

You can order the film right here.

Here’s a list of bonus supplements you’ll find on the Blu-ray:

  • German Intertitles with Optional English Subtitles
  • Audio Commentary by film historian Tim Lucas
  • 2016 Re-release trailer
  • Comparison of B&W / Color Footage

Be sure to take a look at a sample of Kino Lorber’s restoration in this beautiful trailer:

Synopsis: A young woman (Lil Dagover) confronts the personification of Death (Bernhard Goetzke), in an effort to save the life of her fiance (Walter Janssen). Death weaves three romantic tragedies and offers to unite the girl with her lover, if she can prevent the death of the lovers in at least one of the episodes. Thus begin three exotic scenarios of ill-fated love, in which the woman must somehow reverse the course of destiny: Persia, Quattrocento Venice, and a fancifully rendered ancient China.

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