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Kevin Bacon Says He’d Play Freddy Krueger in a New ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Movie

There’s no denying the fact that Samuel Bayer’s A Nightmare on Elm Street had some serious problems. Unlike most, I don’t think Jackie Earle Haley was one of those problems. In fact, I think Haley was damn good as the burnt child abusing dream stalker, serious and jarring, only the slightest of humorous tone to his character. I think the film was a bit of a mess because of the horrendous editing and staggering re-shoots. It lacks an identity, and it can’t seem to decide if we’re supposed to be invested in Kris or Nancy, the former being likable, but ultimately a victim while the latter it utterly unlikeable, flat and occasionally grating. The point, is, they got a lot wrong with that film, and the problem wasn’t Haley, it was the supposed heroine.

Regardless, we know that New Line and Platinum Dunes are looking to deliver another franchise piece, and the biggest question surrounding the production is who will play Freddy Krueger? While I’ be more than stoked to see Haley return, the majority of genre fans wouldn’t. I don’t think anyone has stopped to address the fact that no one is going to impress them in the role other than Robert Englund. You could throw Daniel Day-Lewis – inarguably one of today’s greatest and most dynamic performers – in that role, with a perfect script to work with, and you’d hear the same pissing and moaning from fans that plagued Haley in the immediate wake of the 2010 reboot. That’s a fact, and I don’t give a damn if you care to argue against that. Robert Englund is Freddy in everyone’s mind, and no one, no matter how impressive they may be, will sway the opinion of fans. At least not yet. It’s far too soon for that.

Again, since we are going to see another Freddy film, we’ve got to come back to the question who would play Freddy? Who would we like to see play Freddy?

How about the amazing Kevin Bacon?

I can tell you right now, he won’t do it for you, but I can also say with confidence that I think he’d do a damn fine job. Bacon rarely, if ever, falters in front of the camera, and he’s clearly capable of portraying a very wide array of characters. He’d kill as Freddy. But, would you give him the chance to? Better yet, would he be interested in a role like that?

Yes, according to Bacon himself, he would! Check out this very cool tweet which clearly exhibits interest from Bacon!


We’ll see what the future holds for the franchise. We know another movie is headed our way sooner or later, maybe we’ll get lucky and we’ll get a stud like Bacon involved!

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