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Top 13 Horror Movie Decapitations!

Hellraiser: Bloodline

For my buck, this is the most creative decapitation on the list. The ingenuity behind the scene is absolutely astonishing. Pinhead picks his victim, and what follows is a genius assault that involves a lengthy change with an extremely twisted device affixed to the end. When that blade goes flying through one poor bastard’s neck, things get really, really ugly, as that device on the end of the chain isn’t exactly dull. You’ve got the gist of this one, but what the hell, we’ll show you a video, anyway!

The decapitation scene rolls in at the two minute mark, and you don’t want to miss it.


Byzantium is a beautiful film that somehow managed to bunched together with a string of “shiny” vampires. Trust this: Byzantium is nothing like these Twilight flicks, and it’s never forgiving in the least bit. While the general look of the film is nothing short of awe inspiring, it’s this one little moment in the movie that left me with my jaw on the floor and a deep appreciation for this film. The film as a whole is perfectly vibrant, but this scene… well, it’s a bit darker, to say the least.

Jeepers Creepers

Having had a few run ins with the law in my time, I can’t call myself a fan, and I can’t lie to myself and recognize these guys as peace keepers. Now, having said that, I’m not sure any man of the law deserves to suffer the fate this man in uniform suffers. It’s a creative sequence and the Creeper stands at the center of all mayhem, determined to detach a head from body. Awesome scene that you can check out below, right around the 1:15 mark.

Final Destination

We see all sorts of compelling deaths in the inaugural Final Destination movie. And the bulk of those death scenes are admittedly quite impressive. But there’s one moment in the movie that absolutely rocks the rock, surpassing the shock of nearly every other death in the film. This sequence puts the often hilarious Seann William Scott in the bad mojo seat… but I don’t want to say too much more, you’re best to get a look at this!

Freddy vs Jason

Freddy loses his head after a long grueling battle between himself and Jason Voorhees. While this particular decapitation pales when compared to a few others on this list, it’s impossible to deny the cool factor of seeing a horror icon like Freddy Krueger literally lose his head. I mean really, who saw that coming?

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4 Comments on Top 13 Horror Movie Decapitations!

  1. For my money I would add Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer to the list.


  2. Oooh, what about urban legends final cut, right at the start where she gets her head sliced by the broken window!


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