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Top 13 Horror Movie Decapitations!

Jason Takes Manhattan

Julius is tough. He’s proud. He’s got a pair on him, no doubt. And he’s even got the courage to engage in battle with Jason Voorhees… with his bare hands. It doesn’t exactly get him too far, as after a fatiguing beating Julius attempts to deliver to Jason, his exhausted body is left with no reserves in the tank and no back up plan. And that’s when Jason pulls off on his greatest kills: He literally punches Julius’ head clean off his shoulders. Amazing stuff, and no doubt the high point of Jason Takes Manhattan!

Deadly Friend

Perhaps the most obscure and least appreciate decapitation scene on this list, everything about it is outlandish and unbelievable. Not that you’d ever contemplate telling Elvira Parker (played by Anne Ramsey) that. It is after all, she who loses her head. But don’t expect the typical in this instance. In fact, I’d recommend you anticipate the craziest thing you can think of, because that’s essentially what we get!

High Tension

No matter how much times passes, I’ll never get this image out of my head. It’s no doubt one of the more creative decapitation scenes captured on film, and if it doesn’t leave you feeling a little queasy inside, just wait until you see what becomes of severed heads in a twisted movie like this. Check out the awesome chain of events below!

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4 Comments on Top 13 Horror Movie Decapitations!

  1. For my money I would add Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer to the list.


  2. Oooh, what about urban legends final cut, right at the start where she gets her head sliced by the broken window!


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