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Top 13 Horror Movie Decapitations!

Deep down, most of us get a kick out of extremely well-executed gore sequences. They can be a blast, and in some cases look startlingly real. Most of the scenes you’ll see in this piece look a little too “real” for comfort, and that tends to leave a serious mark on the psyche, especially the psyche of anyone incapable of handling some truly perverse graphic gore.

Around here, we love perverse graphic gore, which is exactly why we’ve compiled this list of the 13 greatest horror movie decapitations!


Do exploding heads qualify as decapitations? If not, oh well, because Scanners has some of the most impressive head explosions ever captured on film. We’re talking about some truly brilliant special effects that successfully leave the viewer’s stomach in knots… if not a bit queasy. This film no doubt has a reputation for these staggeringly disgusting scenes, so you know we absolutely had to include it! Get a look at some serious nastiness below!

30 Days of Night

Sorry Billy, you’ve been bitten, and I’m the sheriff around here, which means I get a free pass to take your head clean off your shoulders. Okay… maybe it’s not that “clean.” Interestingly enough, this isn’t the only decapitation in the film, and it’s not the only one delivered by the heroic Eben. If you haven’t checked this flick out you’re missing something special. At least we can share one of the nastiest moments of the flick with you!

The Omen

The Omen hasn’t aged all that well, but you know what? It’s still a blast of a film to watch with a few key scenes that are likely to linger in your memory bank for years to come. In the movie, Keith Jennings (David Warner) meets his demise in a creative and jarring scenario. Given the time in which the flick was released, this shot must have no doubt left viewers a bit unsettled. By today’s standards, it’s simply magic to gawk at. And you can do just that below!

The Thing

Norris (God bless the man’s soul; he was such an underplayed but awesome character in the film) doesn’t have his head decapitated in typical fashion. Rather, the alien overtaking the man’s body forces the maneuver in an attempt to escape imminent death. Norris skin stretches, his neck elongating to grotesque lengths before it eventually snaps right off, only to sprout spider-like legs and crawl away, almost undetected.

Day of the Dead

Tom Savini brought plenty of magic to George Romero’s Day of the Dead, but one of the absolute greatest gore moments in the film involves the victimization of Private Torrez, who literally has his head not cut, but ripped from the neck by a hungry horde of zombies. It’s brilliant work from the extremely seasoned Tom Savini. And it is definitely worth watching… countless times!

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4 Comments on Top 13 Horror Movie Decapitations!

  1. For my money I would add Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer to the list.


  2. Oooh, what about urban legends final cut, right at the start where she gets her head sliced by the broken window!


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