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‘The Lost Boys’ Comes to the Small Screen in ‘American Horror Story-ish’ Structure

Now here’s something I never thought I’d see happen… The CW is gearing up to launch a small screen adaptation of The Lost Boys!

Deadline officially dropped the news, including a number of details about the story itself.

First, the story is planned for a healthy seven season run. Second, time will fly in this universe, as each season will be comprised of the events of a full decade, so the story essentially takes place over 70 years.

This is cool for a few different reasons.

From the sound of things each season will feature a new batch of protagonists. We can’t have the same heroes/survivors trucking through seven seasons supposedly aging to such a degree. That would never work, obviously, so we’ll see fresh faces – sans the vampires themselves – with each new season, all forced to tangle with ruthless suckheads.

Season 1 will be set in San Francisco during the Summer of Love, 1967. Expect the subsequent seasons to not only bring a different lineup of performers to the table, we’ll also see a new location featured as each decade passes.

To be honest, that actually sounds like an almost Ameerican Horror Storyesque approach, and should help to keep things nice and fresh!

Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars, iZombie), Gulfstream TV, and Warner Bros. Television will make this one a reality.

We don’t have much else in the way of relevant facts for you, as we’re likely very far off from seeing this one come to light.

It’s probably a very fine time to dig out your Lost Boys trilogy to help kill the time as we wait for the CW’s new incarnation!

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1 Comment on ‘The Lost Boys’ Comes to the Small Screen in ‘American Horror Story-ish’ Structure

  1. Gotta say, after seeing the success of STRANGER THINGS on Netflix, I’m all about conceptually not just stepping. but LEAPING out of the box. I really liked LOST BOYS ,( actually think it’s one of the wildly uneven Joel Schumacher’s better projects ) but despite it’s R lite rating, it missed so many opportunities for the debauchery, corruption and sexuality inherent in a youth oriented V flick, worrying instead about eye liner and mousse abuse ( yeah, I heard it )
    Can the CW follow through with a series worthy of the admittedly fascinating concept ? In addition to groundbreaking writing, direction, FX and it’s stellar acting company AMERICAN HORROR STORY had FXs blessing to not just push, but freakin’SHOVE the boundaries of graphic material of every type. Netflix had no trouble there either, but can a youth oriented television network make that same commitment? I guess time will tell, and while we wait, I have a mouth watering feeling that A. H. 6 has a twisted, horrific season in store for us… I’m just saying..


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