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‘Darkness Falls’ is a Disconcerting and Wicked Good Short (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Jarno Lee Vinsencius

Cast: Demis Tzivis, Niclas Fransson, Anna-Sara Kennedy

Lately I’ve been buried in short films, and to be honest, that’s great. With three kids, it isn’t so easy to sit back and pin down two quiet hours. So these shorter efforts have been doing a solid job of keeping me entertained… especially films as engrossing and captivating as Jarno Lee Vinsencius’ little short, Darkness Falls.

A strange film with a number of different avenues to peruse, each potentially leading to a unique interpretation of the film. And knowing that, knowing how the narrative unfolds, it’s a bit tough keeping spoilers to myself. But writer/director Jarno Lee Vinsencius does a fine enough job of keeping the story moving quite quickly, all the while creating an escalation that feels ambiguous all the way up until the final moments of the feature.

With a runtime of less than 15 full minutes, there’s only so much that can be said of Darkness Falls. The good news is, what is to be said, is pretty damn positive. This is an aesthetic treat, gifting us cramped and suffocating moments while allowing the screen to fill up with the white of snow as we’re treated to a mystifying aerial shots. It looks good, no two ways about it, and young filmmakers looking to make a splash with a short piece could learn a thing or two by watching Darkness Falls.

The acting is strong across the board. There are limited characters here, but those in attendance dedicate themselves to the project, giving 110-percent at all times, and I can respect that on a great level. Couple some beautiful shots with excellent performances, slick editing and an unexpected finale and what’s left is going to leave a disconcerted grin on your face.

Watch this one, its wicked good.

Rating: 4/5

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