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‘Stranger Things’ Season 1 Review (Netflix Exclusive)

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Well, Netflix really pulled out all the stops with this one! This is a sensational horror series.
The soundtrack they use has an eighties vibe, provoking a feeling of nostalgia and taking us back to an 80’s horror and sci-fi show. It has a sprinkle of super-8, x-files, classic American horror movies, and a dash of suspense. The cover for the show is delightfully vintage that is reminiscent of Star Wars artwork. ‘Stranger Things’ is set in an eighties America; Indiana to be precise.

Then, we have Winona Ryder. And wow. This lady has proved she is still a relevant and an incredibly talented actress. Due to personal circumstances, it appeared that she was shunned by Hollywood and has really fought to prove her worth. This show has certainly achieved that. She plays the grieving mother of a boy who goes missing. She plays the role with such realness and pure emotion that we the viewer, cannot help but get attached to her character’s situation. She brings realism, desperation, and just a hint of crazy to the character. Hats off to you Winona, superb performances. Side note: this woman just doesn’t age!

Yet it wasn’t just Winona whose acting was sensational, all of the cast were fantastic. The cop with a difficult past. The older son with a skill for photography. And the children. This pleased me a great deal. Sometimes child actor’s performances can be cheesy and over-the-top, even in Hollywood movies with an almost unlimited budget for casting. Not here, though. We have a variety of believable character types that we can all relate with, that are caught up in school drama such as bullying, sex, and peer pressure. The main four children are terrific; their bond is incredible, adorable, and comical. We adore these children and sympathize with their high school existence, excitedly observe their thrilling journeys, and eagerly follow their investigations to find their missing friend. Especially when they make a new friend with a special talent….


Shocker, it is actually creepy. The antagonist in this show is genuinely creepy. This by itself is impressive. As I watch a great deal of horror I find it takes a lot to scare me. However, this show somehow managed to do just that. The creature is both chilling and enticing. Its motive and agenda is unclear for the greatest time, making it all the more frightening.

On top of all this, there is some kind of a science corporation performing experiments of various sorts. We are shown this little by little, building our curiosity as to what they are actually doing. Does it have anything to do with the missing kid? Or their new friend? Or the creature on the loose? Are they responsible for all of it? Or none of it?

So, as you can probably glean, there is a great deal happening throughout the show. There is never a dull moment. The series takes you through a whirlwind of emotions. I am fairly certain this will become a classic horror series. ‘Stranger Things’ is expertly crafted, lovingly produced, intelligently and enticingly filmed, and passionately directed. It pays homage to eighties horror and sci-fi, taking us back to a simpler yet more interesting time in society. This series proves that originality isn’t dead. Well done to all who were involved in the making of this excellent marvel of horror.

So, need a slice of horror? A piece of sci-fi? A chunk of nostalgia? Add this to your Netflix to-watch list right now!

Rating: 5/5

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2 Comments on ‘Stranger Things’ Season 1 Review (Netflix Exclusive)

  1. Dean M. Watts // August 25, 2016 at 11:42 am // Reply

    As someone who grew up in the 70s to 80s this story had me pointing out every pattern or reference to the time era. I held off watching this series until after so many people in social media talking about how great it was, I wanted to see what the buzz was about. I planned on watching the first episode and see what I thought, then binged through the entire season (thanks Netflix for releasing complete seasons at once!) The story was intriguing and characters very adept at showing themselves within the time period, and as the show went on I was drawn in until, like every good series, once I had reached the end I was left empty and wanting to watch more!

    This is a series done right, with care and reverence to the period and the story. It’s not just references to the time frame but as a whole it watches like something one might have stumbled on from a lost time and enjoyed for the first time. This show could have definitely been aired in the 80s and I don’t believe anyone of the time would have seen anything to take themselves out of the feel of a current series.

    Thanks for your article, Wesley! More people need to sit down and enjoy this one!


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