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‘The Invitation’ is Crafted with Perfection (Review)

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Well, this movie was crafted with perfection. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

Firstly, the suspense was second to none. Right from the get-go we are on edge. Yet, we aren’t sure why. We are watching the movie through mainly one guy’s eyes, feeling his paranoia and nervousness. We know there is nothing suspicious that has happened but this character’s behaviour, along with various filming techniques, music and the realistic acting of the other cast members, leads us to feel on edge. This is the main strength of this movie. It reminds you just how a viewer can be controlled by a soundtrack, acting, and various filming tricks. It can make you paranoid, despite there being nothing unusual going on.

Hats off to the lead character Will, played by Logan Marshall-Green. Some of you may recognise him from the movie ‘Devil’ where a bunch of characters are trapped in an elevator. He leads the movie into anxiousness, whilst also excellently portraying a man who has suffered great tragedy, and coming back to the place it happened could be swaying his suspicion. Or is it? The primary objective of the movie is finding out if Will is being paranoid and overly sensitive and emotional, or there actually is something odd going on at the reunion of some of his closest friends and a couple of strangers.

Art comes into play here with some artistic and mesmerizing shots. Rarely do reviews give credit to the D.O.P (Director of Photography) or the director. But it would be insanely rude not to mention their presence in this well-crafted flick. From the usual slow motion without music to force the viewer to become unsettled, or flashbacks presented in a brighter hue to clearly indicate it is a past event, to some unusual and original filming tools that I will not mention as to not ruin it for the viewer. Let’s just say these tools and effects make certain scenes so delightfully awkward that you feel as if you are at the social gathering. I have never been so unsettled whilst watching a movie with no blatant reason to be unsettled (demon, monster, ghoul etc).

Then on top of all this, there is an interesting blend of characters. You have a few odd couples and some singletons. We have quiet, noisy, and strange wrapped into the group. It was entertaining just watching the group, let alone the plot twist, which was original and surprisingly shocking. Despite Will being suspicious all night long you think he is paranoid. But there is something wrong. But it is not what you’d expect!

Slow paced, dramatic, edgy, addictive, and original. A great mix of horror, suspense, and drama. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Rating: 4/5

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