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A Visit to ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Well, John Goodman shows just how versatile his acting is in this thriller/horror/suspense movie. Personally, I have always loved John Goodman, my favourite performance of his was in ‘Arachnophobia’. He plays a man whose intentions are unclear as a cloud of mystery hovers above his head. One minute we are skeptical of him, the next we love him, then we hate him. Our opinion of him constantly changes.

A car crash, a woman in a bunker, her captor is apparently her saviour as the world is in peril, but is he lying?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, another sensational actress who is no stranger to the horror genre (Final Destination 3, The Returned, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Thing). She plays the leading, and only, lady, save for a brief encounter with a strange woman who attempts to get into the bunker. Her portrayal of constant suspicion, faked submission, and fear, is remarkable. She mimics the audience’s emotions, journeying us through the movie superbly.

With constant suspense, bizarre findings, and sketchy characters, we are never fully relaxed.

But, what I really loved about this movie, was the twists. It was essentially three movies in one. You have the prisoner scenario, which moves onto a potential infection that has brought the earth to its knees, then another sub-genre of horror blows our minds at the end. Speaking of which, the climax was fantastic. I did not see that coming!

The pace was mixed, sometimes slow and dramatic, other times fast and energetic, and it would change with a second’s notice. Hence the feeling of never being able to fully relax, which I adored. Few horror movies make you a slave to the atmosphere, but this one does, and it does it fantastically.

Let’s not forget, this is horror. What would a horror movie be without some violence, blood, and painful, shocking deaths? Fear not, if you enjoy those, this movie will satisfy your craving.

A unique horror/suspense/thriller movie that I believe will be enjoyed by many!

Rating: 5/5

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