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‘The Unraveling’ will Unravel Plenty of Terrifying Sequences at the Horror Channel FrightFest Film Festival

The Unraveling looks brilliantly dark. When a single trailer leaves you aching to see a film, you know something very good is surrounding that production.

The trailer for The Unraveling has definitely left me aching! But don’t take my word for it, alone. Look into the trailer we’ve got attached below. And, if you happen to be planning a trip to the Horror Channel FrightFest Film Festival, you’ve got a chance to see it on the big screen!

Zack Gold, (Ghostline, Great American Dream, The Last Buck Hunt), Jason Tobias (David and Goliath, Terrodactyl) Bennett Viso (Survive), Bob Turton (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates) and Jake Crumbine (Nothing Like Dreaming) star.

The Unraveling was written by Thomas Jakobsen and Justin Monroe. Jakobsen will be the man behind the camera.

From the press release:

The American-produced feature, THE UNRAVELING directed by first-time Danish director Thomas Jakobsen, is an immersive and visceral cinematic experience which captures one man’s relentless struggle to survive brutal   forces: an insurmountable heroin addiction and a mysterious killer in the woods.

FrightFest’s own Alan Jones, film critic and producer states “Horror Channel FrightFest is delighted to be hosting the European Premiere of Thomas Jakobsen’s smartly tense thriller with a sting in its tale. It is FrightFest’s duty to bring the unusual and interesting to a wider audience and The Unraveling most certainly fits that brief.”

International Sales ONE EYED FILMS MD, is upbeat on The Unraveling Selection by FrightFest: “We love the unsettling, restless climate that Jakobsen so successfully brings to the surface. The viewer is thrown into the deep, and can never really predict reality from delusion, thus being completely engaging, pulsating with unease, from start to finish.  The Unraveling film has been raising a lot of interest in the press and we feel a brilliant commercial and festival career ahead.”

The flick will screen on Friday, August 26 at 9:10 PM at Horror Channel FrightFest Film Festival on Discovery Screen 3.

Synopsis: In a desperate pursuit to find redemption, Michael (played by Zack Gold), must navigate a vicious wilderness and face the unimaginable if he ever hopes to make it back alive.


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