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‘Baby Planet Juice’ is a Strange Short with Lots of Nudity and a Masked Madman (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Douglas Burgdorff

Cast: Constance Koziej

It doesn’t get much stranger than Baby Planet Juice, which sees a woman taunted in her own home by a strange looking clown with even stranger weaponry. It’s essentially a game of cat and mouse, made a bit strange by the fact that the film’s focal female spends the entire duration of the film as naked as the day she was born. That adds something different to the production, and it isn’t arousing or anything like that. It’s more of an added wrinkle of vulnerability.

Baby Planet Juice is a fairly well shot film with some interesting ideas coursing throughout the script. I think it could use some refining, or maybe expansion. Enough to let the story breathe while the audience can comfortably follow along. As it is, we get a relatively straight forward slasher wrapped up in a net of confusion.

But the promise is no doubt there.

The performances we see are solid. No one steals the show, no one sinks the ship. It’s all made to be an enjoyable little film with a quirky look and some bold decisions. On that side of the coin resides a winner.

You can watch it below!

Rating: 3/5

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