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‘Ghost Team’ is a Quirky but Good Time (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Oliver Irving

Cast: Jon Heder, Justin Long, David Krumholtz, Amy Sedalia

Ghost Team has been on the receiving end of some harsh reviews. The greatest knock on the flick is that the humor falls far short of successful. To a degree I can understand the complaints as this is no doubt a star ensemble compiled almost exclusively of comedically inclined performers. It seems safe to anticipate a home run from this group, but that’s not the case. What we actually get is a consistently funny film, both dry and geek humor combining to make for an unorthodox horror comedy. No real zingers await, but a steady stream of chuckles is indeed in store.

The plot drops a ragtag group of faux ghost hunters in a beat up farmhouse hoping to defy the odds and catch something paranormal on film. Who doesn’t want to change their lives by stalking ghosts in creepy dilapidated buildings? Seems like a cool enough career, and Louis seems to think so, too. That’s why he brings together a half dozen misfits to make his strange dream a reality. Will they uncover anything worthy of note, or will this be another misfire in the life of the miserable Louis?

It’s a solid premise that opens the door to welcome a little satire, some straight forward jokes, a youthful, adventure orientated tone and a dash of horror. I wouldn’t consider the film an outright comedy, which seems to be a general perception. It’s all subjective, I suppose, but if ever there was a film designed to merge subgenres, it’s this one. And it does it well.

The performances are solid across the board and there’s genuine charm in the fact that the group underplays the material. Subtlety was a nice approach for Ghost Team. Adding some footage of the TAPS gang also earns a modest grin, as you know Jason and the guys had a blast poking a bit of fun at themselves. All in all, everyone does a good job of bringing everyday personalities to life as opposed to performers attempting to make characters feel realistic.

If you’re looking for a smooth blend of creepy shots, flat, almost self deprecating humor with a few nods to a few culturallyrics relevant cinematic works, Ghost Team will leave you feeling quite satisfied. If you’re on the huntail for masterful and universally adored comedic deliveries, you’ll be sadly disappointed with this one.

Throw me in the former bracket. I got a kick out of this little known or promoted flick with a finger on the pulse of atypical entertainment.

Rating: 3.5/5

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