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Every ‘American Horror Story ?6’ Teaser Analyzed: Part 1

AHS Teasers Analyzed

As we all know by now, of the many American Horror Story ?6 teasers that have been released, only one hints at the sub genre and themes that will be explored this season.

Over these last three days before the season begins, I’ll be analyzing each teaser to try to discern what Ryan Murphy and his crew might have in store for us this season.

Sunset Stroll

Alright, we’re off to a good start. This is very The Hills Have Eyes meets Children of the Corn. Although AHS has touched on backwoods horror themes, they’ve never let it take center stage. I’d be more than thrilled to see that happen.

If this is the real subgenre, you can bet that Kathy Bates will be playing an evil redneck matriarch–perhaps with a taste for some unsavory stuff.

What’s Cooking?

OK, this one is beautiful. It’s one of my favorites. The distance from the action, the otherworldly shape of the smoke, the sound of chainsaws. This teaser is somewhat similar to the first in terms of sub genre, but if this is the route they decide to take I expect to see our cannibal redneck family replete with chainsaws and hammers.


The obvious first association would be The People Under the Stairs, but this teaser has a much darker edge to it. Who is the person free to run up and down the stairs? Seems potentially serial killer-ish. I could even see some Evil Dead influence in this one.


Rosemary’s Baby is all over this one. I have my fingers crossed that this angle could be included. Evil monster babies and devil-worshipping mommies? Yes, please. Also, am I the only one who is seeing a country-style through line under all of these so far?

Milli Crossing

Lady Gaga sighting! This one doesn’t quite shout out a genre as distinctly as the rest, but  it still gives me hints. Gaga is calmly letting a millipede wander over her head, so she’s not freaked out by it. “Bad guys” are usually chill with bugs and such so…uh…Gaga’s the bad guy? Sorry dudes, they can’t all be winners. 

But seriously, I this one is still freaky. It seems like every five or so, Murphy tucks in a teaser that’s goal is mostly just to make our skin crawl, and I’m all for it.

What do you think think these teasers mean? I want to know your theories. Check back here for more teaser analysis leading up to the big premier!

American Horror Story ?6 starts September 14 on FX.

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2 Comments on Every ‘American Horror Story ?6’ Teaser Analyzed: Part 1

  1. Absolutely brilliant Adrienne!


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