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Every ‘American Horror Story ?6’ Teaser Analyzed: Part 3

American Horror Story ?6 teasers

It’s day 2 in our countdown to the premier of American Horror Story ?6. I’ve been spending some time watching every promo Ryan Murphy and his crew have teased us with. Remember, Murphy has said that only one of these teasers is real all the rest are misdirection.

Without further ado, let’s jump in to part 3 of this analysis. And don;t forget to check out parts 1 and 2.

Camp Sight

Now we’re completely in alien territory. The Fourth Kind comes to mind on this one. Although, I’m curious why that dude isn’t sleeping in his tent. I like alien horror, and would be way into this. I’m just not sure that’s the way Murphy is going with this one. I would give it a 50/50 chance.

Blind Date

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. This hits me in the same joy center as the “Shadow” teaser did. I’d love to see a classic AHS season. This would be a great role for Emma Roberts.


The Wickerman is all over this teaser. I like the story I see in this one a lot. Why are those people dressed like that? Are they off to sacrifice something to their vengeful god in the hopes of having a good harvest? I don’t know, but I can dream.

The Visitors

Alright, you’ve convinced me. Aliens are going to play some part in this season. There are just too many references for it not to be part of it somehow. This route would have us watching Signs-style aliens. Again, I’m seeing a throwback X-Files vibes in a lot of these, and I’m not mad about it.


Bite Sized

This is another one of those atmospheric teasers. I’m not sure it actually points to the sub genres we’ll be seeing in the season as much as it’s supposed to just keep you intrigued. I’ll have to keep watching these teasers to find out if there are more spider references.

What do you think think these teasers mean? I want to know your theories. Check back here for more teaser analysis leading up to the big premier!

American Horror Story ?6 starts September 14 on FX.

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