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Every ‘American Horror Story ?6’ Teaser Analyzed: Part 4

American Horror Story ?6 Teasers

Tonight’s the big night. American Horror Story ?6 will be crawling into our homes in just a few hours. In the mean time, join me while I analyze every teaser Ryan Murphy and his crew have released to try to determine which one reveals secrets about the season.

And don’t forget to read parts 12, and 3.

Self Preservation

This spooky guy makes me think of the rubber man from season 1. There are a lot of theories that all of the seasons are linked together, and that this is the season that’s going to reveal the connection. If so, then this totally could be a reference to the rubber man. Or, ya know, like a distant cousin or something,


Bathing Beauty

This is creepy. I love the hair running to the drain; it gives this teaser a hint of Psycho. This might be one of my favorites yet (minus the mouth face a la A Cabin in the Woods). I love the delicate nature of the woman’s shoulders and the impossibly long hair. I don’t know why, but I’m back on that X-Files kick. This one reminds me of the episode “Home,” which was so creepy it only aired once.



Unless there is some kind of Guillermo del Toro beast in this season, this is another atmospheric treat that is meant to do nothing more than give you the chills. Still, keeping an eyeball in your mouth doesn’t seem super hygienic.


The Lesson

And back we go to Children of the Corn meets The Wicker Man. I have my fingers crossed so hard for this angle. Sure, I’d also love a Universal Studios older style, but if I’m not getting that, I want creepy cult children all the way.


Pitch a Fit

Oh man, am I reading too far into this, or did someone get tarred and feathered? The pitchfork also makes me think of The Crazies. I’m still seeing the woodsy cult theme in a lot of these. I mean, what better way to punish an outsider for meddling than with a little tar and feathering?

What do you think think these teasers mean? I want to know your theories. Check back here for more teaser analysis leading up to tonight’s big premier!

American Horror Story ?6 starts September 14 on FX.

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