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Every ‘American Horror Story ?6’ Teaser Analyzed: Part 5

American Horror Story ?6 Teasers

We’re closing in on the premier of American Horror Story ?6, and I have one more installment of teasers to keep you occupied until the show starts.

Ryan Murphy has said that only one of these teasers reflects the sub genres and themes that will be explored this season. Which will it be? We’ll know in just a few short hours.

If you need more teasers  to tide you over, check out parts 123, and 4.

Beautiful. I’m thinking that this is another of the atmosphere trailers and not so much a suggestion of what’s to come in the season. And yet, this is an interesting mashup. The music for this one can be heard in a couple of other teasers, most notably the ones that point to a more classically gothic theme.


Baby Face

Move over Annabell, there’s a new creepy doll in town. I’m inclined to say that this teaser is all misdirection. Sure, it would be awesome to have an evil doll sub genre represented, but there hasn’t been any indication of that up to this point. That said, if they go that way it seems more likely to have a The Conjuring or Puppet Master vibe than a Child’s Play one.



Yikes! That looks painful. I like the idea of contagion as a thematic element in the series. Up until now, all of the teasers have had a distinctly “landlocked” feeling. I would be shocked to see the ocean play a huge part in this season.


Bite Me

OK, you’ve convinced me. This season has something to do with spiders. I just can’t figure out how they fit in quite yet.


False Eyelashes

That was disturbing, but that lady seemed chill. Is anyone else wondering if Lady Gaga is going to be controlling bugs and spiders this season?



Huh? I’m not sure what to make of this. Maybe it’s just supposed to get us excited for all the potential directions this season could go? Maybe, but the Gaga song kinda throws me. I supposed we shall have to see.



And here’s what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s long been theorized that each season is connected, and now it looks like Murphy is finally letting us in on the secret. Aside from this being a beautiful teaser, it really allows the show to stand on its own. Sure, it’s influenced by every horror trope under the sun, but it has become a part of the horror canon in its own right.

I’ve had good experiences with AHS and I have had bad, but I’m ready to see what’s in store for us this season. Now I’m ready to sit back and watch some horror.

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