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By the Numbers: Ratings for Every Season Opener of ‘American Horror Story’

American Horror Story has been thrilling home viewers for a handful of years now. That’s because it’s a great series that, thanks to the anthological format, never seems to get old.

One of the questions I often have thrown in my direction is what are the ratings like? That question is typically followed up with an uncertain the show can’t last much longer, can it?

With the kind of ratings this series pulls, yes, it most definitely has what it takes to stick around for a few more seasons.

As for that ratings question, well, you can go ahead and read on, as we’ve excavated the ratings for the premiere episode of every single season to date!

The Numbers

The pilot episode of season one of anthological series, American Horror Story (later dubbed Murder House) drew 3.18 million viewers, 2 million of which were from the 18–49 demographic.

3.85 million viewers tuned into the inaugural episode of American Horror Story: Asylum, 2.8 million of which were from the 18-49 demographic.

American Horror Story: Coven proved to be – at the time – the most successful series kickstarter, pulling in 5.54 million viewers. How many of those fit into the 18-49 demographic is unknown (I haven’t been able track a reliable tally, though the near-6 million viewers negates – to an extent – the relevancy of demographic; AHS: Coven was a huge success for the franchise.

AHS‘ fourth season turned even more heads as the debut episode attracted a series high of 6.13 million viewers. No matter how you slice it American Horror Story: Freak Show was the greatest success the AHS crew had experinced.

Moving on to the fifth season, American Horror Story: Hotel, viewership declined just a tad from the previous season, as 5.81 million viewers tuned in to see just what Lady Gaga would bring to the table and how many additional viewers would show interest in the inclusion of the pop star turned actress. 5.81 million viewers may be a slight dip from Freak Show, but that’s still an impressive figure.

And that brings us to the sixth season, American Horror Story: Roanoke. The series just launched, but early viewer tallies are already in and they mark a significant decline in viewership from Freak Show, though they’re occupying space on the same field that Freak Show tore through. The season premiere brought 5.14 million viewers to the sofa to see what insanity Roanoke would provide. It’s a figure that doesn’t push this season over the edge of curiosity, but there’re clearly a lot of viewers still very interested in American Horror Story!

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1 Comment on By the Numbers: Ratings for Every Season Opener of ‘American Horror Story’

  1. Modest decline from 5 to 6. AHS Freak Show might’ve intrigued more viewers because of atmosphere. Either way, AHS is a strong franchise.


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