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‘Resident Evil: Vendetta’ is Another Promising Animated Franchise Flick and We’ve Got the Trailer

Resident Evil: Vendetta

It seems as if there’s no stopping the Resident Evil franchise, even on the cusp of what will most likely be the final franchise live action film. Well, the final film until Hollywood decides the franchise needs a remake in four years.

The truth is, there may actually be no stopping Resident Evil.

While I’m no gamer I do stay tuned into the scene enough to know that Resident Evil 7 is on the way, as is an upcoming HD reboot of Resident Evil 2 (I admit that sounds cool, and a bit more my speed). The games, even if the films do, won’t stop being produced for years to come. As long as units sell, new games will be made.

But what of the wicked cool animated off-shoot films we’ve seen from Resident Evil? Resident Evil: Degeneration was awesome, and Resident Evil: Damnation was arguably more entertaining. Are we going to see another animated film ever produced?

Yes. Yes we are, and soon.

Resident Evil: Vendetta is already booked to debut in Japan next spring. That’s great, because the new international trailer we’re going to show you below has some serious promise. The only question that looms is: how long are we going to be forced to wait before this pic lands on American soil?

We don’t have answers for you yet, but you should get a kick out of this new trailer all the same.

Chew on it below, and keep your eyes open – we’ll inform you when we hear any update on a US release for Resident Evil: Vendetta.

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